the gift


Buffy and the gang set out for one last battle against the God, Glory. Armed with the Buffy-Bot, Willow's magick, Spike, Dagons Sphere, Olaf's Hammer and a recking ball Buffy has much confidence that this is the last battle.

Willow is the first obstalcle that Glory has to overcome before she can approach Dawn. Willow does a spell which gives Tara back her sanity. Then Buffy-Bot comes in with Dagons Sphere. Glory destroys it and then kicks Buffy-Bot's head off. As she makes her way up the tower she is intercepted by the real Buffy who is weilding Olaf's Hammer. She beats the crap out of Glory then she is knocked through a wall courtsey of Xander's recking ball, Buffy beats gets back with the beating but then she changes back to Ben and leaves him for dead.

Meanwhile Spike finds Doc at the top of the tower and is knocked off. At the base of the tower, Willow who is tending to Tara, Xander and Giles who are fighting off Glory's minions run to Ben's side. Giles suffocates him and continues to fight. Buffy makes her way to the top of the tower not noticing Doc has cut her and the portal has began to open. She knocks him off with no trouble whatsoever before running to Dawn's aid. Buffy begins to take her sister to safety but Dawn rejects and tells Buffy what she must do. Creatures from different dimensions begin to come out of the portal. Then Buffy has a series of flashbacks which include the first Slayer telling her gift, Dawn's visit to the hospital after cutting herself where Buffy shows her they have the same blood, "Summers' blood" and the monk telling her how they created Dawn form her. Buffy pieces everything together and realizes what she have to do. She gives Dawn a heart-felt talk before swan diving into the portal herself.

Her body is deposited on the rubble below. Dawn comes down from the tower to find her sister and her friends gather around her body all crying. A smile can be seen on her face. She has saved the world. In the next scene we see her grave stone and it reads: Buffy Anne Summers 1981-2001 Devoted Sister Beloved Friend She Saved The World... A Lot