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Popular Season Two

1 "Timber!"

- September 22, 2000

Its a new school year at Kennedy High, but the memories of the aborted wedding are long from forgotten. Sam tries to make amends with Brooke's mother's return, but Brooke isn't sure if she's willing to put her past differences aside with her mother. Mike and Kelly begin reconnecting, which creates a strain between Mike and Jane. Ms. Glass makes a shocking return to Kennedy High and is destined to make the student's lives miserable, Carmen receives the news concerning her pregnancy, Sugar Daddy and Lily protest to save an older tree that leads to a downfall, and lastly Nicole makes Mary Cherry try out for the Glamazons once again which puts her cheerleading status at risk.

2 "Baby, Don't Do It"

- September 29, 2000

For a class assignment, Ms. Glass assigns every student to raise a Baby, Don't Do It doll. But it seems as if everyone has their minds elsewhere. With Brooke's planned departure from Los Angeles to San Francisco, both Mike and Sam believe Brooke's decision can tear their family apart. And ultimately effect her relationship with Josh. Lily isn't assigned a Baby, Don't Do It doll and decides to partner up with Carmen for the assignment. But Carmen's concern for her clique creates a strain between both Lily and Carmen. Nicole and Mary Cherry decide to let a British Nanny raise their doll, but soon discover The Nanny is bitter sweet.

3 "Citizen Shame"

- October 6, 2000

It seems as if everyone is hiding a secret, but how far will some go to avoid the exposed truth? Brooke begins an unlikely friendship with her SAT teacher Bonnie. But when the two meet after school, the two both get in trouble with the law. Carmen's family life is more than hectic when she asks Sam to move in with her for awhile, but it appears as if Carmen is hiding something to painful to reveal. While, Jane makes an unexpected discovery that effects her relationship with Mike. Meanwhile, Ms. Glass's Uncle Tipton returns to LA to visit her alleged child. Desperately seeking a child, Ms. Glass hires Nicole to pretend to be her daughter. But more confusion occurs, when Lily poses as Ms. Glass's son.

4 "The Sweetest Taboo"

- October 13, 2000

Sometimes in order to get what you want, you must hurt the others around you. And thats exactly whats happening with the students at Kennedy High. George Austin, a new student at Kennedy arrives. But this creates a major turn off with both Josh and Sam. For Josh, he believes George will steal his Football Status. And for Sam, she believes George is another typical jock. Nicole is desperate to regain her Glamazon status, so she decides to team up with Sugar Daddy and Mary Cherry to humiliate Principal Krupps. Though the tables turn and it appears as if Nicole is the one humiliated.

5 "Joe Loves Mary Cherry"

- October 20, 2000

Jealously isn't always the best policy right? But why does it end up making you feel better about yourself? Ms. Glass announces that she has decided to test an attraction experiment by pairing one classmate with another. But this creates a problem between both Harrison and Nicole. Harrison begins getting jealous over George and Sam's frequent bonding and Nicole believes Brooke and Josh's relationship will destroy their popular status. So "Dangerous Liaisons" style, Nicole and Harrison work together to get what they want. In the end everyone is paired up with someone they least expected, but will each of them learn a lesson from their experience?

6 "Style and Substance Abuse"

- November 3, 2000

Brooke decides to run for student council president, dropping out of the Homecoming Queen election. She asks Harrison to be her campaign manager. They disagree on mandatory drug testing for students and he quits to run against her. Sam, Carmen, Nic and Mary Cherry get nominated to Homecoming Queen. Sam is motivated by George to run for it, but gets too into the spirit. Carmen is sleeping at the school since she is homeless, and Bobbi Glass invites her to her home. Seeing in Carmen herself in high school, Ms. Glass helps her with the contest (even threatening to give everybody an F if they don't vote for Carmen). Nic and Mary Cherry look for help with Hellacious Arke, a past 3 time Homecoming Queen, who is also Ms. Glass's own "Nicole" back in her high school days. Brooke misses Josh and sees him and Lily trying cough syrup while spying on them. Motivated by the recent death of a student of cough syrup overdose, she decides to run her campaign on anti-drug platform. Scared to be caught by the drug test, Josh convinces Harrison to let him use his urine on the test. Surprisingly, the results come positive.

7 "Ur-ine Trouble"

- November 10, 2000

Harrison reveals that he has been taking medicine for bad headaches, which later turns out to be leukemia. Harrison is forced to withdraw from the campaign and Brooke wins. Sam realizes what she is doing and quits from Homecoming Queen election. Nicole, Mary Cherry and Hellacious team up to beat Carmen in the election and prove that there is no place for her. Reaching as low as publicizing Carm's mom's alcoholism and make her look as an alcoholic teenager. Carmen moves back to her mom's to support her and wins the election. Hellacious tries to cheat, but Principal Krupps busts her. Ms. Glass has her comeback and helps taking all her pictures off the girl's room homecoming queen hall of fame. Lily turns herself in to save Josh, but they are a couple now, and he decides to get punished with her.

8 "Misery Loathes Company"

- November 17, 2000

Harrison is checked in a hospital for treatment for his leukemia. His roommate is a religious fanatic, which makes him quite uncomfortable. Harrison doesn't want anybody's help and yells at Brooke. Brooke is faced with the ghost of her anorexia and fears coming back to the clinic she once was. Sugar Daddy feels miserable for his looks and checks into a clinic for food disorders (which happens to be the same hospital where Harrison is.). Mike hears somebody throwing up in the bathroom. First he thinks it might be Jane, but he realizes it's Brooke and puts her in the clinic. Sugar feels very depressed and has a fight with Brooke. Later she advises him to talk to one of the girls at the clinic, and she plays cupid slipping a love letter under her door. But the clinician gets the letter instead. Sugar feels guilty and tells Ashley that he didn't write the letter, without knowing that she never got the letter in the first place. Harrison's roommate has a seizure, just as he was starting to like him. He realizes how fragile life really is.

9 "Are You There God? It's Me, Ann-Margret"

- December 8, 2000

Josh and Lily get cast for a play at the school where they have to appear nude in front of each other and everyone, which makes them uncomfortable. Brooke is at hospital again for treatment for her anorexia. Harrison is frightened when he walks into a room in the hospital and finds a ghost who seems to know a lot about him. Meanwhile, Carmen runs into Nicole in a meeting for teenagers with alcoholic parents, but Nicole completely ignores her.

10 "The Consequences of Falling"

- December 15, 2000

Clarence dies peacefully while talking to Harrison. His death has a deep impact in Harrison's own view of life, and he decides is not worth to keep the treatment for his cancer. He goes to extreme measures and decides to put an end in his agony, attempting suicide. But Clarence comes back as an angel to give Harrison a view of what the world would be if he had never been born. We see that April would have become a rich successful owner of a fish market (Tunaville); Brooke would have died from anorexia, Lily would have married Josh after pregnancy and they would have become the first family, and among other twisted things, Nicole and Mary Cherry trying to make a living as whores with Sugar Daddy as their pimp.

11 "Fire in the Hole"

- January 19, 2001

It's that time of year again! STD Awareness Week, but this time Ms. Glass has a plan to make this week memorable. Ms. Glass has recently created a personal musical of her own entitled "That Burning Sensation" in which every student is assigned to play an STD. Though Sam and Harrison find themselves the odd ones out, with Sam playing the "whore" and Harrison playing the "virgin". As the class continues to progress a secret is revealed that will change Sam's relationship with George.

12 "The Shocking Possession of Harrison John"

- January 26, 2001

After Harrison returns to school since he had his bone marrow transplant, he acts in a weird way, making everybody think he's possessed or something. The girls think about it and conclude that he has impersonated Nicole's personality, since she was the donor. They decide to call a priest to exorcise him. Meanwhile, Josh and Lily's relationship is growing so much that there's hardly any space left for Sugar Daddy in Josh's life. Feeling neglected, he finds a new friendship in George. They enjoy each other for a while until George feels like Sugar is demanding too much attention. Josh and Sugar make up. Nicole finds out she's adopted after she asks her mom about her birth and she doesn't give clear information. Shocked, Nicole finds out that her mom was a 16 year old cheerleader, and tries to find her with no luck. Both Nicole and Harrison conclude they have to find themselves.

13 "Mary Charity"

- February 2, 2001

Say it isn't so? Mary Cherry is wearing KFC paper shoes? Mary Cherry enters the harsh realities of the real world after learning her family is suffering financial difficulties. Sam and Carmen plan to bring back the Kennedy High yearbook goes awry. Meanwhile, Brooke and Harrison's relationship progresses though it appears as if Harrison has his eyes on someone else.

14 "The News of My Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated"

- February 23, 2001

Tragedy has struck through the halls of Kennedy High and the dearly departed is by the name of April Tuna. The news of April Tuna's death effects all of the student's lives. With Brooke, Mary Cherry and Carmen they carry the guilt of being responsible for Tuna's death. And with Lily and Josh, they believe excluding her from their circle of love drove Tuna away. Meanwhile, April's death also creates tension. With Sam learning a shocking confession made by Harrison and with Nicole finally learning the downside of being the mean girl.

15 "It's Greek to Me"

- March 2, 2001

Nicole's mom is not so happy about her spending time with her birth mom. Judy Julian tries to bribe Nicole's mom so she would disappear. Shaggy leaves and Nicole and Judy become closer. Meanwhile, the girls are bored with the immature behavior of the boys and their boring lives as high school students. Brooke meets a college girl who invites them to a college party. After attempting to sneak out, Sam and Lily are stuck at home for lying about where they were going and spend up playing board games with Sam's parents all night. Carmen meets a boy and goes up to his room. Feeling that something might happen, she hides inside the closet until the boys come to rescue her. After their experience at the frat party, the group learns that high school isn't so bad after all.

16 "Fag"

- March 9, 2001

Lily, in an effort to defend a fellow student who has been suffering jokes about his lifestyle, starts the G.L.A.S.S. (Gay and Lesbian Alliance of Supportive Students), which causes a lot of repercussion around the school, and not such great support from people as she expected. But prejudice is not only about sexual choices, as Sam and George have to deal with the comments on their interracial relationship; Sugar D. doesn't get a job for being fat and Jamie (Brooke's date) reveals that he has suffered prejudice because of his religion. Things get hot when Lily is hospitalized after being attacked when she was leaving a g/l community center (which she took Miss Glass to get information about her sexuality). The gang realizes that hate will never lead to anything, and join the group one by one. Bryan comes out of the closet in a gesture of support after the group is cancelled.

17 "Coup"

- March 16, 2001

With a lot of power in her hands and not so many brain cells in her head, April Tuna is ordered by Principal Krupps to cut one of the school's clubs. April becomes an easy prey for Evil Nicole (still out of the Glamazons and thirsty for revenge), who manipulates her into cutting the Glamazons off. April and Emory have a small fight when she threats to cut the "John Travolta-inspired Staying Alive" club, for which Lily, Harrison and Josh compete to be president of. Meanwhile, Brooke gets in deep trouble after she doesn't come home from Jamie's, which causes Mike to get furious and ground both Sam and her for lying. After Jane talks to him, he finally decides to give Jamie a chance and invites him over for dinner. Back at KH, Emory blackmails Tuna in order to save his club, and she ends up losing the position of student body president to Nicole, who immediately cuts the Glamazons, replaces it with "Bring It!", the new pep squad with her as the big star, and shuts the John Travolta club, announcing to the school that Evil Diabolic Nicole is back - and this time for good.

18 "The Brain Game"

- April 27, 2001

Desperately seeking to be popular again, Mary Cherry fails in an audition to a teen talent show. But that didn't stop her, and she decides to put a team of students together to be in "The Big Head Challenge". Everybody is studying for the SATs and they all think it would be a nice way to test their knowledge at this competition. Cherry Cherry, who has become a student at KH (trying to beat her 50 points score in her SAT), also tries to get in, but loses the very last spot to Josh, who surprisingly know a lot more about chicken than we thought. Meanwhile, Carmen decides to take salsa lessons, and has her heart broken by the instructor, whom she had a crush for. But after he realizes how bad he made Carmen feel, he goes to KH to ask her out. At the competition, the gang is first relieved to be against the John Ashcroft Private School for Special Needs Children, but then surprised when they see that Cherry Cherry has bought the entire team and replaced the students by the teen talent show judges. KH is losing by far until Josh saves the team with his poultry knowledge. Although disappointed at losing, Cherry Cherry tells Mary Cherry that she has never been more proud of her, and the two share their first mother-daughter moment.

19 "I Know What You Did Last Spring Break!"

- May 4, 2001

Ms. Glass wants all the students to write down where did they go for Spring Break and how many they slept with, so, in her own words, she can judge them. Most of the gang say they went to Cancun, and Harrison writes that he went to Yemen as his nose starts to bleed. Ms. Glass deduces he has been infected with the Rift Valley fever that is contaminating everyone in Yemen. Just as Sam was trying to talk to him by his locker, they are both isolated from the rest of the people and the school is shut down in quarantine. During Chemistry, Mary Cherry receives a call in her cell phone from someone who knows what she really did for Spring Break - a low-budget soft porn scary movie - and she has to run for her life as she is chased to be killed. Meanwhile, Lily tells April what they really did for SB. They intended to go to Cancun, but they all stayed in LA and had SB in different ways. Nicole is elected to attract the killer, but since she's not a virgin, and only virgins get chased by killers in scary movies, they fail. When the gang realizes they've all lied to each other about the SB, they decide to reveal the truth. Among romantic dinners and break ups, the most shocking revelation comes from Brooke and Harrison, who have slept together! Harrison and Sam make up and kiss, just when George walks in the nurse's office. Suddenly, the real Dr. Salk appears and the killer is revealed to be the travel agent to their trip to Cancun, who was trying to get back at the kids for ruining her bonus.

20 "You Don't Tug on Superman's Cape..."

- May 11, 2001

Sam learns about Brooke and Harrison's sexual experience, a bittersweet love triangle is formed. But are the girls fighting for a lost cause? Lily and Josh's relationship heats up and soon they take their love to the next step. Meanwhile, time is ticking for Mary Cherry as she is threatened to get beaten up by Big Bertha Muffin.

21 "Promblems"

- May 18, 2001

In the jaw-dropping series finale, both Brooke and Sam make a revelation on their Prom troubles with Harrison, Mary Cherry discovers she has a long lost twin sister, Josh and Lily adjust to life as a married couple, while Nicole takes matters into her own hands that will change everything.